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The procedure doesn't hurt, though the machine makes rhythmic thumping noises and some people feel claustrophobic inside the MRI tube. MRI's generate far more cancer "false alarms" than mammograms because many of the suspected tumors identified by MRI turn out to be healthy tissue.Half-a-dozen major studies of women at high risk of breast cancer have shown that MRI identifies at least twice as many potential tumors as a conventional mammogram, which produces a two-dimensional X-ray or digital picture. Doctors are twice as likely to request a tissue sample based on an MRI image compared to a mammogram, requiring a minor surgical procedure called a biopsy.All people need hope: hope for a good day today, hope for a normal life, and possibly hope for a cure, Dr. It might be a haiku, too, but it's been a long time since White Coat Notes was in poetry class. D.'s link to a Student Doctor Network item about certified registered nurse anesthetists sparked a bit of a spat about training requirements for registered nurses.Darshak Sanghavi writes in an op-ed essay in light of cancer coming back for Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow. The SDN post said CRNAs make 224 percent as much as RNs and 156 percent as much as advance practice nurses. Flea's blog Nurse at small Your Child's Health Blog Healthy Children blog WBUR's Common Health Other Globe Blogs Boston Globe Health and Science staff: Scott Allen Alice Dembner Carey Goldberg Liz Kowalczyk Stephen Smith Colin Nickerson Beth Daley Karen Weintraub, Deputy Health and Science Editor, and Gideon Gil, Health and Science Editor.The Paul Ylvisaker Award for Public Policy Engagement, named after a former dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is given to a foundation that sets the agenda for public debate, the international association of foundations said.Several advancements over the last decade have triggered the developments in the field of breast cancer risk research.One of them is the availability of the human genome sequence along with cheap genotyping possibilities.

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Tri-City Mental Health Center, a non profit organization with facilities in suburbs north of Boston, has agreed to pay the state more than half a million dollars to settle allegations it billed the state Medicaid program and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for services it never rendered, officials said yesterday. Owen Jr., formerly of Brigham and Women's Hospital, has been named president of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, the school said today.

Some analysts are scratching their heads at the move Merck & Co.