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The cult film opened with an infamous credits sequence that teasingly stripped French comic-strip heroine Barbarella (Jane Fonda) of her black space-suit outfit in zero gravity. The film was essentially a candid chronicle of one day in the life of handsome, heroin-addicted bisexual hustler Joe (Joe Dallesandro) in New York City.Her gloves, leggings, and then helmet were gradually removed, before she became completely exposed and nude, although often obscured by floating and jiggling white letters. His objective was to make 0 to pay for an abortion for the pregnant lover-girlfriend Patti (Patti D'Arbanville) of his wife Geri (Geraldine Smith). In the film's final sequence, Joe was in bed with Geri and Patti when they undressed him, but then they became intimate with each other - while Joe became bored and fell asleep (mirroring his sleeping in the opening scene).In a fantasy sequence, she came up behind him at the jukebox and animalistically taunted him: He contemplated kissing her, but was fearful of getting too close, during their ritualistic mating (using the metaphor of two tigers); their love-making was accompanied by growls, sniffs, clawing, swipes, hissing, and biting - suddenly, they appeared totally naked as they rolled around and wrestled each other on the floor.In another scene, reportedly the first instance of a full-frontal female nude passed by the British Board of Film Classification, the meek young wife of the House Master Mrs.The title character also made love with the aid of a gigantic 'orgasmatronic' type machine (an organ of love) - and was sentenced to death by multiple orgasm (delivered by the 'Excessive Machine'). It may change your tune as well." Barbarella: "Oh goodness, what do you mean? He also spoke to ex-girlfriend Terry (Geri Miller), a stripper who announced that she was considering breast implants to help get more customers ("I know they're too little, especially for dancing topless"). Director/co-writer Brian De Palma's third feature film (and his first major film) was an episodic, improvisational anti-war (and anti-military) satire of late-1960s events, manners and mores among the 'under-30' counter-culture.Durand Durand/Concierge (Milo O'Shea) attempted to torture and kill Barbarella with pleasure by orgasmically "playing" her with the euphemistic pipe organ (with the tune "Sonata for Executioner and Various Young Women"). " Durand: "When we reach the crescendo, you will die - of pleasure. She also wanted Joe to become more interested in her breasts ("Joe, you don't seem to like them like you used to. De Palma later admitted that he was attempting to imitate the Novelle Vague films in France, including those of Jean Luc-Godard.This British coming-of-age social drama from Lindsay Anderson was one of the first films to mix color and black-and-white footage in an impressionistic way.It was notorious and controversial for its frontal male nudity (in a shower scene) (excised by censors), female nudity, sex, violence and homosexuality.

In the Packhorse Cafe coffee-shop, Mick rudely flirted with an unnamed waitress, the Girl (Christine Noonan), and she slapped him across the face for stealing a kiss. In a violent scene, after Mac Iver was picked up at a bar by Leikman, his detestation of homosexuality caused him to kill Leikman and then take his own life. In one overwrought sequence (narrated with a cynical voice-over) now seen as repugnant, a middle-aged tormented homosexual Colin Mac Iver (William Windom) went to the grungy and dark waterfront docks in search of homosexuals, where he found sinister-looking individuals lounging around and snuggling:"The thought of turning, turning involuntarily into one of them frightened me and made me sick with anger. I couldn't stop."As in a number of similar films in the 60s, the homosexual character met a terrible fate.The story set in the 41st century involved Barbarella's journey to a distant galaxy to save humanity. This cult film was an explicit, X-rated underground film with non-chalant, frequent male nudity (including one of the earliest instances of an erect penis in a non-pornographic film).

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There was a teasing joke about Barbarella experiencing traditional or "old-fashioned" physical-penetrative copulation instead of the latest virtual sex (consumption of exaltation transference pills). It also featured transvestite drag queens (i.e., Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis in their film debuts), exotic strippers (including sexploitation actress, "super groupie" and stripper Geri Miller - before breast implants), fellow hustlers and johns.He promised a swift but pleasurable death, as he began playing, and her clothes were expelled: Barbarella: "Oh, oh, what is this thing? 'Sonata for Executioner and Various Young Women.'" Barbarella: "Hmm. Your end will be swift, but sweet, very sweet."To his amazement, she completely enjoyed the lethal experience, exasperating him even further by orgasming. It opened with a black and white TV news clip of President Lyndon Johnson defending his record and the state of the union to a military gathering, on the need to continue with the Vietnam War ("This is a pretty good land.