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God Bless larry tonduname: Joseph Turkemail: [email protected] or [email protected]: Tuesday, November 27, 2001Time: AMWas on nucleus crew at Philadelphia as an SO1. 48 people were on the boat, but 5 children died after 13 days lost at sea.

Made SOCA in June of 1964 and left the ship for instructor duty that same month. Our boat was rescued by the brave men of the USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16 and I am forever grateful. S, I received my Masters degree from Cal Poly Pomona, have worked as an aerospace engineer, and have married a wonderful man, all made possible by my rescue.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Chief Bart and all the crew members who were involved in the rescue.

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Now , I can't type too good ,but I wanted to say I 'm on board , "again"!

He was especially helpful to me and gave me an English dictionary. Shelleyname: Huey Nguyenhuuemail: [email protected]: Friday, April 05, 2002Time: PMTo whom it may concern, In 1980, Strauss rescued a number of Vietnamese boat people in the South China Sea. Just wondering if any crew members happen to take some pictures on that very day.

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