Dating Herlev

02-Jul-2017 22:30

The relative absence of weapon finds suggests that the site was more important as a social and economic center than as a military base.

A noteworthy loose find that has recently turned up, thanks to metal-detector work, is a tiny silver Viking Age figurine known as Odin from Lejre.

They gave us their language very similar to Italian, his Catholic religion and blood.

Famous Spanish characters were Jews, such as for example …

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A wooded path and lake a short distance west of Lejre, as well, was identified by some antiquarian scholars as "Herthadal," the sacred sacrificial precinct of the goddess Nerthus (also called Hertha), whose rites were described by the Roman historian Tacitus in chapter 40 of his Germania.

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Rita’s maternal grandfather was Allynn/Allyn Duran Hayworth (the son of Barnabas Hayworth and Sarah A.

Barnabas was the son of Jeremiah Haworth and Elizabeth Cartwright.

As for the Iron Age archaeological settlement complex unearthed since the 1980s, its two related parts span the period from about 550 to about 1000 AD, thus confirming the significance of this "land of legends" over a period of almost half a millennium, up to the time when Denmark was converted to Christianity and a new royal capital was established at what is now the cathedral city of Roskilde.