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22-Sep-2017 01:28

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LISA: Instead Friendster faded from people’s minds and was eventually sold to a company overseas, while Facebook went on to be worth 400 billion dollars.So how did a company with so much promise end up losing so badly?

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He invited a dozen or so people to start testing out the site. Jim was in his 30s, married with kids, and he didn’t really think the site was for him.He would need them to start using their real names with their real photos.Which at the time — no one was doing…people chatting online were doing it anonymously…You can also find that number on the Start Up twitter page, @podcaststartup. REYHAN: I remember leaving a bar one night and hearing some people next to me. LISA: It seemed like magic…Remember, this was the early 2000s. But suddenly…Friendster was opening up this whole new world for people. That is my chief distinguishing characteristic in the world. And then, one week, Reyhan traveled to New York to visit some friends, and decided to invite Reihan over. REYHAN: Honestly I think that they were like why are you bringing somebody you met on Friendster into our lives slash apartment. REIHAN: I think we also talked on the phone before then. LISA: In the first year, Friendster grew to over 4 million users.

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There were all these connections you could explore, and people started reaching out to each other on Friendster for all sorts of reasons. LISA: So What compelled you to reach out to Reyhan? ROBERT KRULWICH: We’ve all heard that everybody on earth is connected, but now there’s a website called Friendster.REYHAN: And then I was like you know looked him up and we had lots of mutual friends then I googled him and he’s like like a political writer and I was like cool like my homonym is a political writer for Slate. LISA: The idea of an online social network was so new at this time that Friendster was able to patent it. “System, method and apparatus for connecting users in an online computer system based on their relationships within social networks.” REID HOFFMAN: Before even Myspace started, before Facebook started was oh yeah Friendster is the interesting social place…

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