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If it's been a while since you exercised regularly or if you have a high risk of coronary heart disease or a chronic health problem, refer to this advice from the American Heart Association before you start an exercise regimen.

Nike Kinect Training for Xbox 360 (; ESRB rating: Everyone) is for people who are determined to get or stay in shape and who take their workouts seriously.

You get some verbal feedback from your trainer, but most of the corrections come from visual aids on screen, a problem because sometimes you’re told not to look at the screen.

So your reps may not be counted, and you won’t realize it.

Once you’re able to keep up with the on-screen animation, you're in for an intense cardio workout. The dancers and venues look realistic, with a good amount of detail.

You can also choose “Learn the Steps” to get a tutorial on different dances that are incorporated into the workouts.

Each workout mode offers a choice of different dance styles and intensities.

You have several venues to choose from initially and can unlock more within the game.

The custom class lets you make a playlist and choose your own venue.The game evaluates your fitness and athleticism and creates a customized training program based on your fitness level.

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