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22-Aug-2017 04:14

“I forgot Lindsey’s bottle in the kitchen, and I am so full of milk right now.Lindsey didn’t want much earlier.”She gently held her breasts underneath them on the bottom as she referred to how full they were.As Jackie walked by me I got a glance of one of her breasts as she hadn’t put that side of her spaghetti strap top back on.She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and while I had noticed it before, her breasts really had grown quite a bit since her pregnancy.Walking in, I set my bag next to the staircase before saying in sort of an introduction voice, “Hello! “In the living room.”Walking into the living room I was a little startled as she was breastfeeding Lindsey on the couch. She must have noticed that.“I hope your not offended by this,” Jackie said looking up at me with smile.“Was just finishing giving her snack before I put her down for bed.”“Oh no, not at all,” I replied quickly.“Good,” she replied with a soft smile. Going to put her down and let your dad watch her for awhile.

Though I know this can be completely normal, it still feels strange being so much older than my new sister.

Jackie was pretty tall, about 5’8″ I would guess and what she was wearing only helped make her look better. Since it was the middle of summer, it made sense that she had on the black spaghetti strap top which she had put back into place but still no bra.