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Later that night, after Jack had installed the good stuff, and they were both in their rooms, it was time for Maureen's other job. As the vibrator buzzed in her pussy and the headset covered her ears, she was lost in the moment. She only knew her bedroom door opened because she saw it move through the corner of her eye. The voice on the other side called out, while opening the door: "Mom, did you say someth...." Jack's words stopped when he peaked inside the bedroom and saw his mother there.

Then she gave herself a once-over on a full length mirror. The final pieces of the puzzle were all the things in her drawer. Now, the resolution of her was much sharper, HD quality. There were requests for oral action, and the tips followed to back up that request. She winked through the black mask, teasing them further as she sucked. They didn't know exactly what she did for a living, but her online followers knew that she was a professional woman. Maureen nearly burst into tears, right in front of her audience. When it was ready, she brought the drinks and they sat down facing each other.

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Working as a webcam model is similar to working as a dancer in a gentlemen's club.

This online persona had become part of her sexual identity.

As she sat there in her office looking at her profile page, the answer was clear.

My love life is non-existent because of my job." "I understand. Hear me out." "Mom, I didn't say anything." She nodded. Please don't comment yet, it's just a fancy name." "I didn't say a word, even though that's a very strange name to appear on a webcam site." "It's for fake incest. Totally irrelevant." "I know it's a common fantasy," she tried reassuring. I'm not proud of doing that, but it just happened." "Masturbation doesn't just happen." "Oh god," he sighed in embarrassment. All of them ecstatic that they'd finally get to see her sucking on a real cock, instead of a sex toy. Despite being a rigid lawyer for her day job, Maureen did have a few moves.

" For the first time since this conversation began, Maureen took control and refused to be a victim. Now hang on a second, Jack, before you make a comment. I'm sure many of my viewers will believe me though. And it'll drive them wild." "What will I have to do? He looked uncharacteristically shy and timid, but the faint bulge poking through told another story. She was in and a longtime fantasy was about to come true, with her son of all people! The moment Maureen's online profile was listed on the cam site, viewers started pouring in. Thanks to all of you, it's going to be a reality for him." She blew a kiss to the webcam as the audience went wild, then she turned and winked at Jack, who sat there stunned like a puppy dog with his tongue out.

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"Let's do a couples chat together." As she expected, Jack was blown away by the suggestion. Frankly, she was stunned too, that she even had the courage to ask such a thing. " Jack was totally caught off guard and seemed endlessly frustrated. When I say yes, that I have a college boy, I get flooded with all sorts of lewd questions. Rather than sneak around, I want us to be open and honest about everything." Jack listened attentively. So having a partner and doing a couples chat would allow me to reach a wider audience. And since you already know, I want you to be my partner, because I know you'd never tell anyone." At this point, Jack hung on every word, trying to understand this unusual situation. I've always been a sucker for romance, and this is the most romance I'd feel in a long time. Maureen put on her new headset and spoke to the group. He's my son, that many of you have been asking about. Meaning, users get to see, shall we say, a few extra things with a male performer. You keep your face off camera." "Will the viewers know that we're actually a mother/son duo? But the thing is, lots of online couples say they are, and it's obviously a roleplay. Just stand there while I suck your cock, then you can fuck me." She was thoroughly amused at Jack's priceless reaction. While logging in to the porn site, the realness of the situation grew when Jack came to her bedroom wearing nothing but his boxers, as she had instructed. You're the star of the show." "You're right; they just want to see me sucking that delicious cock of yours. The show's about to start soon." She went to her control panel and did all sorts of things, requesting access to appear on the couples chat on 'incest night.' Success! "Believe it or not, my son has never seen me fully nude. "It's a chance for users to see their favorite performers with another partner. She had already fixed her hair nicely, and wore extra mascara and red lipstick to make herself look even sexier. Most of all, the number of views she had in her chatroom were at a peak she'd never had before. If they'd tip high enough, they'd get to witness some incestuous oral action. With enough tips at this point, she owed it to her audience to show them something. "Nudity has been reached," she informed her audience. It still boggled her mind knowing how many people had seen her naked and masturbating on cam.

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It was also a huge stress reliever from her busy days and courtroom battles. She browsed at the different categories, at the different models, and she remained in awe of how many users there were. "I don't know if I'll continue," she eventually said. "Mom, whenever you give that expression, and you're undecided, it means you're still going to do it. But you won't stop." "I'm almost afraid you're right." *** Maureen spent the next day in the office, speaking with clients on the phone, working on memos, and researching cases.

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